The company

With a heritage from the fighter aircraft industry

Our mission is to use the knowledge earned from the developement of the Swedish fighter program to create a sustainable aviation future.

Company profile

Experience in leading complex aviation projects.

VCraft Aeronautics is a Swedish company founded in the summer of 2021 with the aim of building electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, both manned and unmanned.

The company was founded by two engineers that have been working for about twenty years in the military aviation field. They both had leading roles in the development of the newest Swedish fighter aircraft, the JAS 39 Gripen E. They both were part of the small team that started up the development of this new state of the art fighter aircraft that is now rolling out to Swedish Air Force units.

Our mission is to realize the potential of electric propulsion and be a part of the transition to a sustainable new aviation era.



Peter Jansson is one of the founder and has been working in the aviation field for many years. He is a certified program manager, PMP and holds an engineering degree from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

The experience covers work in both fighter aircraft program, military helicopter and training aircraft.

He also has experience in how to run a

successful business.  


Johannes Johansson, co-founder of the company, has an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering and did his Master Thesis project in aerodynamics and flight mechanics at Saab.


He then joined FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency, as a research scientist in computational aerodynamics and radar cross section calculations.


Next, he worked for FMV, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, with hypersonic missiles, air-to-air and anti-ship missiles, various R&T projects within weapon and aircraft technology, and the Gripen E fighter program.

Lead system integrator

Modern aviation business is based on a great collaboration between business partners and sub-contractors. Nobody does everything themselves and everybody needs to work like a team toward a common goal. 

Our company is exactly that, and we focus on the part where we excel, and our partners and subcontractor focus on their expertise to create the novel technical solution we all aim for.

Our expertise

User needs

By knowing the customers needs we enhance the possibility to develop the right solution for our customers.

We also understand that this is an ongoing learning process to keep up with the current development and therefore we strive to work closely with our end customers.

Overall design

The right design is extremely important and needs to be started from the right perspective. Several aspects needs to be taken into consideration and the process is iterative. 

We believe that the designs we develop meets our customers user needs


The sale of an aircraft is a long-time relationship, and it is vital to understand the total usage of the system in the sales process.

We believe that the total cost of ownership is one of the most important aspects of an aircraft sale.


The process to certify an aircraft is a time-consuming task and needs a well composed team of experts. It is also important to certify the aircraft to the right rules, all depending on the usage.

Our goal is to become an EASA approved DoA organization within a few years.


Final assembly and integration

Final assembly and integration is important to master if you design and develop an aircraft.

We have built our full-scale technology demonstrator that soon will take off and we will step by step enhance our capability to do all of our final assembly inhouse.

Flight test

Flight test is one of the most important phases in aircraft developement and no computer models or study can replace the real flight test.

We are responsible for all flight test together with our partners, test airports and test sites.

Our parteners and sub-contractors

An aircraft, manned or unmanned, is a complex technical system that needs multiple advanced systems to work perfectly.

To make this a reality we outsource these sub-systems to the most suitable high-tech companies. 

The small team of only 8 people created our first full-scale demonstrator.

If you dream of being a part of a team that can change the way we travel in the air, this is the place for you!

We strive to have an equal gender mix since we believe this will create the best solutions in future aviation.

The growing team of talent



In our facilities we do multiple test to verify new technical solutions and systems. This is an example of an early landing gear test conducted at our prototype shop.


We also have our flying avionics testbed where we can try out our flight control software that are developed according to RTCA 178C at different DAL levels.


Our propulsion test rig is a valuable asset to test the whole propulsion system with motor controllers, real batteries and control software.


We have developed our own battery packs from state-of- the-art battery cells. These are tested in our rigs and full-scale flying technology demonstrator.